Taxes and Fees

Understanding Taxes and Fees When Booking Car Rentals Online

Planning to book an affordable car rental for your upcoming journey? It's crucial to consider taxes and fees that may affect the total cost of your car rental reservation. When browsing for car rental deals on the website, here's what you should know about these charges.

Common Taxes and Fees for Car Rentals

Various taxes and fees might be part of your car rental cost, including

  • Sales Tax : This varies from a few percent to over 10%, depending on the state and location. It's calculated based on the total rental rate.
  • Rental Surcharge : A fee charged per day or per rental, covering various administrative costs.
  • Airport Concession Fee : Typically imposed for rentals at airport locations.
  • Vehicle License Fee : A fee for using a registered vehicle, often included in the rental cost.
  • Fuel Service Fee : This may apply if you return the car with less fuel than when you received it.
  • Young Driver Surcharge : Extra fees for drivers under a certain age, usually 25 years old.
  • Additional Driver Fees : If you plan to share the driving, there may be an added fee for each additional driver.

Tips for Understanding Car Rentals Taxes and Fees

When reserving car rentals online, keep these tips in mind regarding taxes and fees:

  • Carefully review the terms and conditions to determine if taxes and fees are included in the advertised rental rate.
  • Ensure your budget accounts for these additional charges, which can range from $20 to $50 or more per day.
  • Refer to the reservation breakdown, where we provide a clear listing of all applicable taxes and fees.
  • Note that many bookings are non-refundable in case you need to make changes or cancel.
  • Compare the base rental rate plus taxes and fees against any package deals that may include them.
  • Research the specific rental company's tax and fee policies before confirming your reservation.

Benefits of Booking Your Car Rental with simplifies the process of understanding taxes and fees:

  • We transparently break down all estimated taxes and fees during the booking process, ensuring no surprises later.
  • Our award-winning customer support team can explain all charges before you finalize your reservation.
  • We negotiate discounted rental rates that can help offset taxes and fees.
  • Many of the car rentals available through our site offer free cancellation in case your plans change.
  • Our price match guarantee means we'll match a lower rate if you happen to find one.
  • Booking your next car rental through streamlines the process of dealing with car rental taxes and fees. Our user-friendly booking system and unbeatable rates make car travel easy and budget-friendly!
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