Are Dogs Allowed in Rental Cars? A Comprehensive Guide

Are Dogs Allowed In Rental Cars?


Yes! Most car rental companies allow dogs in their cars, although some might require them to be in a cage as mentioned in their terms and conditions.

It’s crucial to return the car in the same condition as when you got it, clean and undamaged. While rental companies don’t usually provide dog equipment, you’re free to bring your own to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort.

Are Dogs Allowed In Rental Cars

So, if you do not want to leave your lovable pet alone at home and want to take him with you on your next road trip, keep reading this article. we’ll explore the policies of various car rental companies, provide tips for a smooth journey with your pet, and answer frequently asked questions to help you plan your next pet-friendly road trip.

Can You Take a Dog in a Rental Car?

Well! The answer is yes, because not all, but many car rental companies allow their customers to carry their pets with them. But there are many conditions you need to fulfil. Let’s understand how can you take your dog in a rental car.

Check the Policy

Before embarking on your journey, it’s crucial to confirm the pet policy of your chosen car rental company. Visit their website and thoroughly review the terms and conditions or frequently asked questions (FAQs) section. If the information is unclear, reach out to the rental company directly to inquire about their pet-friendly options. This proactive approach will help you avoid any surprises when picking up your rental car.

Size Matters

Some car rental companies may have restrictions on the size of dogs allowed in their vehicles. Smaller dogs are generally more easily accommodated, while larger breeds may face limitations. Carefully review the company’s policy regarding pet size to ensure your furry companion meets their requirements.

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Cleanliness is a Must

Maintaining cleanliness throughout your rental car journey with your dog is of utmost importance. Most rental companies expect the vehicle to be returned in the same pristine condition as when it was picked up. Take necessary precautions to avoid any muddy paw prints or pet hair on the car’s interior.

Avoid Cleanliness Fee

To minimize the risk of incurring additional cleaning fees, consider the following tips: –

  • When traveling with your pet, make sure to stop frequently so they can go to the bathroom outside the car.
  • Use a special cover or even a sheet to protect the back seat from your pet’s claws and paws.
  • Consider using a dog crate or a harness and seat belt to keep your pet safe and prevent shedding in the car.
  • If your pet leaves hair or odors in the car, consider paying for a cleaning service.
  • Many car washes offer vacuum services or interior cleaning for a reasonable price.
  • Keep your cleaning service receipt in case the rental car company charges you.
  • Take before-and-after photos of the car’s interior to prove you returned it clean and undamaged.

Carrying Pet Fees

While many car rental companies do not charge extra for bringing your dog along, some may impose pet fees. It’s essential to inquire about any additional costs associated with traveling with your furry friend. In most cases, if the car remains clean and free from pet-related damage, you can avoid these fees. However, if your pet causes any damage, you will be responsible for covering the repair costs, as standard insurance policies typically do not cover pet-related incidents.

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Pet-Friendly Rental Car Companies

To help you find the perfect pet-friendly rental car, here’s an overview of some popular companies and their policies regarding dogs:


Payless rental car policies regarding pets vary by location. Contact your desired Payless rental location directly for specific information about their pet policies.


Reservations: 800-729-5377

Customer Service: 727-321-6352


When renting from Hertz, notify them about your pet at least 24 hours before picking up your rental car. Well-trained pets are welcome without additional fees, but you will be held responsible for any necessary cleaning or damage caused by your pet, as determined by Hertz.


Reservations: 800-654-3131

Customer Service: 888-777-6095


Sixt prides itself on being a pet-friendly rental car company. They allow pets in their vehicles and even offer “pet car rental” options at select locations, providing spacious vehicles like minivans or SUVs to accommodate your furry companion comfortably.


Reservations: 888 749 8227

Customer Service: 888 749 8227


Alamo welcomes pets in their rental cars but requires them to be kept in a carrier unless they are service animals. Ensure the car is returned clean and free from pet hair to meet Alamo’s standards.

Website: Website:

Reservations: 877-222-9075

Customer Service: 800-445-5664


Fox rental car company is pet-friendly and allows pets in their vehicles without charging extra fees or deposits. However, renters are responsible for any pet-related damage or cleaning requirements during the rental period.


Reservations: 800-225-4639

Customer Service: 800-225-4639


With Dollar, you can rent a car with your pet at any time without incurring additional upfront fees. However, be sure to return the car clean to avoid a cleaning fee ranging from $50 to $250, regardless of whether you have a pet with you or not.

Reservations: 866-776-6667

Customer Service: 866-776-6667


Enterprise Rent-A-Car has a pet-friendly policy similar to Alamo. They do not charge extra for bringing your dog, and service animals are exempt from crating requirements. However, you will be responsible for any damage, pet fur, or extra wear and tear caused by your pet during the rental period.

Reservations: 800-261-7331

Customer Service: 800-264-6350


Budget Rent a Car allows you to bring your housebroken pet in their rental cars without charging additional fees. However, if your pet causes any expenses during the rental, such as damage or cleaning needs, you will be responsible for covering those costs.


Reservations: 800-527-0700

Customer Service: 800-214-6094

National Car Rental

National Car Rental allows pets in their rental cars if they are transported in a box or crate, with an exception for service animals. Like Enterprise and Alamo, they do not charge extra fees for pets unless special cleaning or repairs are required.


Reservations: 877-222-9058

Customer Service: 800-468-3334


Avis, similar to Budget, welcomes pets in their rental cars. You will only incur charges if your pet causes damage or excessive dirt that necessitates special cleaning or repairs.


Reservations: 800-331-1212

Customer Service: 800-352-7900


Thrifty permits pets in their vehicles without imposing additional fees. They recommend securing pets safely and hold renters accountable for any pet-related damage. To avoid cleaning charges, return the vehicle clean and free of pet hair.

Reservations: 800-847-4389

Customer Service: 800-847-4389

Important Tips for Traveling with a Pet in a Rental Car

To ensure a memorable and hassle-free journey with your dog, consider the following tips:

Take a Test Run

Before embarking on a long road trip, take your pet on a short drive to familiarize them with the experience of riding in a car. This will help identify any potential issues and allow you to address them beforehand.

Invest in TLC

Prior to your trip, update your pet’s tags and vaccinations, groom them thoroughly, and consider using seat covers to protect the car’s interior from pet hair and scratches.

Rent Wisely

Choose a rental car with ample space for your pet and their belongings. Utilize seat covers to minimize messes and take photos of any pre-existing damage before driving off to avoid unnecessary charges.

Take Meals Outside the Car

If you need to feed your pet during the journey, plan breaks outside the car to prevent any spills or messes inside the vehicle.

Schedule Breaks

Regular breaks are essential for your pet’s well-being and comfort. Plan stops to allow them to stretch, relieve themselves, and reduce anxiety throughout the trip.

Consider a Car Subscription

For extended rentals, explore car subscription options like FINN, which offer tailored solutions to suit your needs, including the opportunity to practice driving with your pet.

Bring Blankets

Pack plenty of blankets to make cleaning easier and protect the car’s upholstery from pet hair and shedding. Blankets also provide a comforting and familiar environment for your pet during the ride.

Pack Toys

Bring along your pet’s favourite toys to keep them entertained and help them feel at ease in the unfamiliar surroundings of the rental car.

Ensure Safety

Avoid letting your pet roam freely in the car, as this can be dangerous and lead to accidents. Keep them restrained in a carrier or use a pet harness to ensure their safety throughout the journey.

Be Mindful of Parking

Never leave your pet unattended in a parked car, especially in extreme weather conditions. High temperatures can be life-threatening, while cold weather can cause discomfort and distress.


In conclusion, traveling with your dog in a rental car is possible with proper planning and preparation. Most major car rental companies allow pets in their vehicles, often without charging extra fees upfront. However, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with each company’s specific pet policies and take necessary precautions to ensure a clean and damage-free rental experience. By following the tips outlined in this guide and prioritizing your pet’s safety and comfort, you can embark on unforgettable adventures together. Remember to always return the rental car in pristine condition to avoid additional fees and maintain a positive relationship with the rental company. With a little extra effort and care, you and your furry companion can create lasting memories on the open road.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I take my dog in any rental car?

Most major car rental companies allow dogs in their vehicles, but it’s essential to check their specific pet policies beforehand. Some companies may have restrictions on the size of the dog or require them to be transported in a carrier.

2. Will I be charged extra for bringing my dog in a rental car?

Many rental companies do not charge additional fees for bringing your dog. However, if your pet causes any damage or the car requires special cleaning, you may be responsible for covering those costs.

3. What should I do to prepare my dog for a rental car trip?

Before your trip, take your dog on a short drive to familiarize them with the car experience. Ensure their tags and vaccinations are up to date, groom them thoroughly, and pack necessary supplies like blankets, toys, and a pet harness for safety.

4. How can I keep the rental car clean with my dog?

Use seat covers to protect the car’s upholstery from pet hair and scratches. Take frequent breaks for your dog to relieve themselves outside the car, and avoid feeding them inside the vehicle. If any messes occur, clean them promptly to prevent damage or additional fees.

5. Are there any special considerations when parking a rental car with a dog inside?

Never leave your dog unattended in a parked rental car, especially in extreme weather conditions. High temperatures can be life-threatening, while cold weather can cause discomfort and distress. Always prioritize your pet’s safety and well-being.

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