What Happens If Your Car Is Stolen?

What Happens If Your Car Is Stolen?

It’s scary when you do not find your car at the place you last parked. Isn’t it? During such situations, you shouldn’t panic because that makes the situation worse. Be calm and think about what can be done next. So, here’s a simple article to help you deal with this unfortunate situation.


Call the Police

The very first thing is to report your stolen car to the police immediately. You have to write down what happened in a special report. Make sure you provide them with all the necessary details, including your car’s model, colour, license plate number, etc. If your car has a GPS, let the police know. This helps them find your car faster. Also, you cannot go for insurance claims if you don’t tell the police first.

person calling police for registering stolen car. what happens if your car is stolen

Some Of The Basic Car Details

  • If something special about your car, like any unique marks.
  • Colour of the stolen car.
  • The license plate number
  • Car’s model and how old it is
  • A special number called the vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • ┬áTell me if your car has a GPS device

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Contact Your Insurance Company


Inform your insurance company about the theft as soon as possible. They will guide you through the claims process and conditions. Give them proper information about your car, like where it was last seen and what was inside. Be honest in your claim. Insurance might cover a rental, but you must check how much. It is important, to tell the truth and act fast to make sure your insurance helps you.

person calling insurance agent

To make a claim, you must have the following information:

  • Contact info for your car loan company, if you have one.
  • Describe your car, like model, color, or any special marks.
  • The place where your car was last seen.
  • Provide a list of the stuff that was inside your car when it was stolen.
  • Tell them if you have all your car keys or not.
  • Car title.


Insurance Coverage Period And Contact the DVLA


Various insurance companies take different times to pay coverage for a stolen car. Generally, you will receive the money after waiting around 30 days from the time you claim for insurance coverage.

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Contact DVLA


After your insurance pays for your claim, you need to inform the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) that your insurance company has settled your claim. You can find out the full process on the GOV.UK website, which has all the information you need about driving and official procedures.


Financial Institutions


If you are paying loan instalments for your stolen car and if you have insurance, tell the company you owe money to. You do not have to worry about paying back the money you owe for the car. Your insurance pays them. You can make things go faster by asking the company you owe money to talk directly to your insurance company.

Also, if you have any personal information in the car, like your ID or credit card, you should be careful. You can protect yourself from fraud by setting up a fraud alert. It’s important to let your bank know if your credit cards were stolen, so they can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.


How To Avoid Car Stealing?

man locking his car remotely

  • Close Windows: Don’t leave your windows open. It’s an invitation for thieves.
  • Car Alarm: Get a car alarm installed. It makes noise if someone tries to steal your car.
  • GPS Tracking: Install a GPS tracker. It helps find your car if it gets stolen.
  • Hide Valuables: Keep valuable stuff out of sight. Thieves might break in if they see something valuable.
  • Lock Your Car: Always lock your car, even if you’re leaving for a short time.
  • Safe Parking: Park in safe areas with lots of people around.
  • Secure Keys: Store your keys in a safe place, away from your car.
  • Turn Off Ignition: When you’re not using your car, turn off the engine.
  • Anti-Theft Device: Use a physical lock or device to prevent thieves from stealing your car.


When You Get Your Car Back

a man getting his stolen car from police station

If the police find your stolen car, they’ll keep it safe for you. The first thing you must do is tell your insurance company about it as soon as possible. Also, if you find your car before the police do, let them know immediately. If your insurance pays for your stolen car, there is a chance you might be able to buy it back from them. But if you had any personal stuff in the car when it got stolen, like your phone or wallet, you should also tell your other insurance company about it. Make sure your car is safe to drive if it is found. Also, report to the police if you find anything strange in your car. Although your insurance will pay for damages, you will have to pay a bit too.


Am I Responsible For A Stolen Car?

am i responsible for a stolen car

Who pays for damage caused by a stolen car depends on insurance policies. First, you might think about trying to get the thief’s insurance to pay for it, but that doesn’t always work out. Sometimes, the victim of the theft ends up using their insurance to cover the damages.

Now, different kinds of insurance might help out in this situation. There’s something called liability insurance, which usually covers damage to other people’s property, not yours. But there are other types of insurance, like uninsured/underinsured or comprehensive coverage, that could come in handy here. However, it is best to get legal advice to deal with this complex situation.




We hope this article will help you manage the situation if someone steals your car. Dealing with a stolen car can be stressful and frustrating, but try to stay positive and focus on the steps you can take to resolve the situation. Remember, your safety and well-being are the top priorities. Report the theft to the police, your insurance company, or the bank if you are still paying a car loan. Do not wait too long during such a situation. So, follow the given steps and find the best service whenever you need to understand the process of dealing with a stolen car.


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