What Happens If Your Rental Car Gets Towed?

What Happens If Your Rental Car Gets Towed?

Everyone wants their trip or journey smooth and trouble-free, but things do not go always according to us. For example, You are on a fun trip, and enjoying your rental car, but suddenly, you find that it got towed. What Happens If Your Rental Car Gets Towed? what will you do?

We understand this can be an extremely worrying situation when traveling, but rest assured by following these steps you can get back on the road quickly if your rental car is towed:

The very first thing is you don’t have to panic. Relax, everything has a solution, and in this article, we will surely get that. Let’s talk about the solution of your rental car gets towed in this article.


When Can Your Rental Car Get Towed?

Check out the reasons that cause a car towing. You must know these things so that you can avoid car towing.

Not Following City Rules:

Ignoring city rules about where and when you can park, like during snow removal or trash pickup.

Unpaid Fines:

If you have fines you haven’t paid, your car might get towed.

Overstaying or Expired Meter:

Staying in a parking spot longer than allowed or letting the parking meter run out.

Auto Accidents: 

If you crash a rental car, you might have to pay for the damage. A waiver you sign says you’re responsible. Take pictures before and after driving to prove any damage wasn’t your fault.

Illegal Tags or Being Pulled Over:

If your car isn’t legal to drive or you get pulled over and taken to jail, your car might get towed.

Accident or Breakdown:

If your car is in an accident or breaks down and can’t be driven, it might need to be towed.

Wrong Parking: 

Parking in the wrong place can lead to your rental car being towed. Only the rental company can get it back, and you might not be able to retrieve it yourself.


If you stay in your car too long in one place where you’re not supposed to.

Private Property:

Parking in places that belong to someone else, like an apartment’s parking spot.

Blocking Traffic:

If your car is parked where it blocks the flow of traffic, like in front of a driveway or too close to a stop sign.

Blocking Emergency Areas:

You can’t park in places meant for emergencies, like fire zones or in front of fire hydrants.

Looks Abandoned:

If your car sits in one spot for a long time without anyone knowing why, it might get towed.

Using Parking for Other Things:

If you’re not using the parking space for what it’s meant for, like parking in a store’s lot without shopping there.


Common Reasons for Rental Car Towing

While precise regulations vary across cities, typically violations like unpaid parking tickets, overstaying permitted time limits in loading zones, or blocking emergency lanes near fire hydrants can get rental cars towed through police administration orders. Legally the towing companies cannot charge you directly but the rental agency can pass on service charges involved.

Tips to Avoid Rental Car Towing Incidents

  • Double check parking signs like snow clearance dates or overnight parking restrictions
  • Set reminders for meter payments if parking longer than 2 hours
  • Return rental cars on time to avoid lying idle perceptions
  • Save tow company contacts in phone to expedite prompt retrieval


What To Do When My Car Rental Towed?

What Happens If Your Rental Car Gets Towed

 Sometimes our planning goes wrong and we face unexpected things. But each problem has a solution, so even if your car gets towed, there are solutions for this too.


Stay Calm And Confirm Car’s Towing

Haste makes waste! So, first, you need to be calm which will help you think clearly. Contact the local authorities or check online to find out where your rental car got towed. They will guide you on what to do next.

If you can’t find your rental car, you must make sure that your car wasn’t moved by a towing service. Grab your rental agreement, ID, and any other documents related to the car rental as you’ll need these when dealing with the towing company.


Contact the Towing Company

Give the towing company a call and ask about the process to retrieve your rental car. They will let you know about fees and required documents. Again, when your rental car gets towed, you can’t just fix it quietly. You need to involve the rental company to release the car. If it stays in the tow place, fees grow fast, and you might face extra charges for causing trouble and returning the car late. Also, you could pay for any damages from the towing. So, it is important to act fast and contact the rental company to sort things out.


Check If You Need To File A Police Report

If your rental car is damaged because of an accident or theft, it’s important to file a police report. This helps document what happened and can protect you from personal responsibility, depending on your rental agreement. Make sure to also inform the rental company by submitting a formal report for their records. It’s all about ensuring safety and protecting yourself legally in case of any incidents.

Arrange Transportation

Plan how you’ll go to where your rental car is kept. You might need to call a taxi or use a ride-sharing app to get there. First, make sure you have all the right papers like your driver’s license. Then, figure out how you’ll get to the place where your car is. If you have a car, you can drive there. Otherwise, you might need to use a taxi, rideshare, or public transport. It’s important to have everything ready to avoid any delays or problems.

Pay The Fees

Unfortunately, towing fees aren’t usually cheap. Be prepared to pay the towing and impound fees to get your rental car back. So, if your rental car gets towed, you’ll have to pay fines and fees to get it back. This includes a towing fee, impound fee, and any unpaid parking tickets. The amount you pay depends on where you are and why the car was towed. Towing fees range from $50 to $200 or more, and impound fees vary by location. You’ll also need to clear any outstanding parking tickets. Contact local authorities for help with paying unpaid tickets and getting your car back.

Reclaim For Your Rental Car

After you have paid the money and given the papers they need, you can get back your rental car. Remember to check it for any damages before you go.

Reimbursement and Coverage

Check out if you can get reimbursement and coverage if your car rental gets towed.

Revise Your Car Rental Agreement

When you borrow a car, you get a paper called a rental agreement with rules. Even if you have extra insurance, you still have to pay for any tickets or fines for your driving mistakes. It’s better to admit your mistake and pay up. Ignoring fines means the rental agency will find out and charge you extra. So, it is important to follow the rules and be responsible while driving a rental car.

Credit card coverage

If your rental car is towed, your credit card might cover the costs. Many credit cards offer rental car insurance that includes towing coverage. Contact your credit card company to learn about their policies for reimbursement. Remember, some cards may only help if you don’t get insurance from the rental company.



Getting your rental car towed can be a hassle, but by following these simple steps and staying calm, you can quickly resolve the situation and get back on track with your travels. Remember to stay vigilant about parking regulations and always be prepared for the unexpected. Safe travels!


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