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Renting a car for someone else can be a tricky situation, as most rental companies have specific policies in place regarding additional drivers and payment methods. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the options available for booking a rental car for someone else, the requirements and restrictions involved, and provide valuable tips to make the process smoother.


Can I Book A Rental Car For Someone Else?

Can I Book A Rental Car For Someone Else

Most rental companies do not let you rent a car for someone else because the person who reserved it needs to be there when they pick it up. This is because when you rent a car, you are making a legal promise with the rental company. They need to know who is driving and have the right insurance in case something happens.

We know everything is possible somehow. You can make the reservation in your name and then add someone else as an extra driver when you get the car. But you have to tell the rental company about all the drivers, and the main person who rented the car is the one responsible for their driver’s license and credit card. That way, everyone’s covered and things stay fair and square.


Understanding Rental Companies’ Policies

Most car rental companies require the person who made the reservation to be present at the time of pick-up and to sign the rental agreement. This policy is in place to ensure that the rental company has a legal contract with the primary driver, who will be responsible for the vehicle during the rental period.

Reasons behind the policies:

  1. Legal liability: The rental company needs to have a clear understanding of who will be operating the vehicle and ensure that they are legally responsible for any incidents or damages that may occur during the rental period.
  2. Insurance coverage: The primary driver’s insurance information is typically used for the rental, and adding additional drivers may require extra coverage or fees.
  3. Credit card requirements: Most rental companies require the payment method to be in the primary driver’s name to minimize the risk of fraud or unauthorized charges.

Ways To Rent A Car For Someone Else

When renting a car for someone else, there are a few ways to go about it. Most car rental companies such as avis and hertz require the person who will be driving the car to sign the rental agreement and pay for the rental car using their own credit or debit card. However, some companies may be able to add an additional driver for an extra fee, allowing someone else to drive the rental car during the rental period. If you want to rent a car on behalf of someone else, you may be able to pay for the rental car using your own credit card and have the other person drive the car.

Keep in mind that most car rental companies require that any additional drivers added to the rental agreement must have car insurance and be able to show a valid driver’s license. If you can’t rent a car for someone else but still want to rent a vehicle on their behalf, you may need to return the car yourself at the end of the rental period.


  • Add Them to the List Of Additional Driver

To let someone else drive a rental car, add them as an additional driver. As the main driver, you will still handle the paperwork and payment but do not have to drive. The additional driver can drive freely. Adding an additional driver to the rental agreement may result in an additional driver fee, so be sure to check with the car rental company beforehand. In some cases, you may be able to add another driver for free, especially if they are a spouse or domestic partner. Overall, renting a car for another person can enhance their rental experience and provide them with the convenience of having the vehicle available to use during their trip.


  • Rent A Car Online For Them

Renting a car online for someone else is possible but may not be quicker or easier. You need their info, know their preferences, and may require their credit card details. It is like doing their rental for them, so be prepared and choose the right option for your situation.


  • Gift Card For Car Rental

If you can’t rent the car yourself, use a gift card. Estimate the rental cost and buy a gift card for that amount. Give it to the other person so they can handle the rental. It may not be the perfect solution, but it gets the job done and helps them with their rental needs.

  • Use a business card To Rent A Car For Them

If a company wants its employees to rent cars, having a business account with the rental company makes things easier. It means the company gets one bill for all the rentals, instead of dealing with lots of separate payments.

If that is not possible, the company can give its employees a special credit card to use for rentals, or they can pay for the rentals themselves and get reimbursed later. A system like this makes renting cars for work trips much simpler, so everything goes smoothly when employees need to travel for business reasons.


Can I pay for a rental car for someone else?


You can book a rental car for someone else, but check the company’s policies first. Normally, the payment card must be in the main driver’s name, but exceptions may allow the card owner to be present with the driver at pick-up.


Comparison of Rental Companies

To help you choose the best option for your needs, here’s a comparison of major car rental companies and their policies regarding additional drivers:

Company Additional Driver Fee Exceptions
Avis $13 per day Spouse or domestic partner
Enterprise $12 per day Spouse or domestic partner, business associates
Hertz $13.50 per day Spouse or domestic partner
Budget $13 per day Spouse or domestic partner, business associates
Alamo $15 per day Spouse or domestic partner

*Fees and policies may vary by location and are subject to change.

Tips and Tricks for Renting a Car for Someone Else


  1.  Communicate clearly with the rental company about your intentions to add an additional driver.
  2.  Check for any promotional offers or discounts that may waive the additional driver fee.
  3.  Consider joining a rental company’s loyalty program, as some offer free additional drivers as a perk.
  4. If you frequently rent cars for others, look into setting up a corporate account with a rental company to streamline the process and potentially save on fees.
  5. Always review the rental agreement carefully and ensure that all drivers are properly listed and approved before leaving the rental office.

Benefits Of Adding A Driver


Extra drivers are useful for long trips, family vacations, and busy business trips. They make driving easier, provide breaks, and enhance productivity. Additionally, they can assist in returning rental cars when needed. However, they can’t pick up the rental without the primary driver present.


  • Long Road Trips: An extra driver makes long road trips better. Driving for a long time gets tiring, so sharing driving lets you rest, enjoy the view, and arrive feeling refreshed.
  • Family Vacations: It is tough to travel with kids. An extra driver helps take breaks, and navigate and makes the trip smoother and safer.
  • Business Trips: For busy business trips, an extra driver is helpful. It lets you focus on work or prep while someone else drives, making you productive and flexible.
  • Returning Rental Cars: If the main driver can’t return the rental, an additional driver can. But they can’t pick up the car without the main driver.


 Additional Driver to Your Rental Car (US and Canada)


In the US and Canada, adding an extra driver to your rental car usually, you have to pay a little extra money each day. Spouses or domestic partners are exceptions and can be added at no extra cost. Additional drivers must meet requirements and be present at rental time. Corporate contracts and certain business-related situations waive the fee. Charges are calculated based on the dates the additional driver was listed on the rental.


Who Can Drive Your Rental Car?


  • Primary Renter: The main person renting the car. Your details must meet age, license, and card requirements.
  • Additional Drivers: If you add them to the rental agreement. Companies may ask for a fee, with the same requirements as the primary renter.
  • Age Restrictions: All drivers must be 25 years old or older.
  • License Requirements: Everyone driving needs a valid license.
  • Insurance Coverage: Make sure all drivers are insured.


Process To Rent A Car For Someone Else

  • Look for a car online or visit a rental office.
  • Check if you can add more drivers to the agreement.
  • Make sure the main renter is responsible for the booking.
  • Name and get approval for all drivers.
  • Ensure everyone meets the rental requirements.
  • Once approved, the car can be used as needed.


Real-Life Examples

Example 1: Family Vacation

The Johnsons are planning a family road trip and want to share the driving responsibilities. John, the father, makes the reservation and adds his wife, Sarah, as an additional driver. This allows them to take turns behind the wheel and enjoy the scenery together.

Example 2: Business Trip

Michael is traveling for a conference and needs to rent a car. His colleague, Amanda, will be joining him on the trip and will also need to drive the rental car. Michael makes the reservation and adds Amanda as an additional driver, ensuring that they can both use the vehicle for business purposes.




Renting a car for someone else requires careful consideration and planning to ensure a smooth and successful experience. By understanding rental companies’ policies, adding additional drivers when necessary, and exploring alternative options, you can find the best solution for your specific needs.

Remember to prioritize clear communication with the rental company, ensure that all drivers meet the necessary requirements, and carefully review the rental agreement before signing. With the right approach and a little bit of preparation, renting a car for someone else can be a simple and stress-free process.

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